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Hunter Valley

It ware a trip up to the Hunter Valley on the Queens Birthday Long Weekend for my mother in law’s 70th Birthday. The Hunter Valley is renowned for it’s wines and vineyards. Unfortunately for us(not for our livers), we stayed in a homestead that was surrounded by cows for a Dairy Farm. Still you can’t […]Read More »

Is the Sydney Harbour Bridge Collapsing?

Is the Sydney Harbour Bridge Collapsing?   Check out the photo of the North East end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As you can see from the photo, the drooping of the top beam at the second and third vertical beam suggests some serious structural issues.  This droop must be fairly pronounced as from the […]Read More »

Sydney Long Exposures from North Sydney

Sydney from Kirribilli, North Sydney #CanonCollective Long exposures of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Skyline from Kirribilli (North Sydney) with thanks to Emma and the team from Canon Collective.Read More »

Indonesia - Jakarta

Jakarta Indonesia. I’ve been spending a lot of time in and out of Jakarta over the last year, thanks to Rocky, Jono, Laura and Charles for making my stays enjoyable. Jakarta is an interesting place with immense wealth and abject poverty.  There is a large growing middle class but a large amount of people who […]Read More »

Vietnam Hanoi Food

Food in Vietnam The food and more so the places you eat can be very interesting. Some the interesting food eaten in Vietnam. although you wonder about the hygiene of the preparation area, the food is always fresh and always delicious. Can you name that food. Now i’m not sure what any of the things […]Read More »

Thailand Bangkok

Bangkok Thailand This time I’m in Bangkok, The view from the top of the world or maybe just the Banyan Tree Hotel Temples are a plenty in Bangkok. Cooking street style in Bangkok. Long live the king of Thailand. Maybe next time I’ll get to meet him 🙂 I can’t go by crabs for dinner. […]Read More »

Japan Tokyo

Japan Tokyo Another business trip to Tokyo Was another great experience, thanks to all the guys there for looking after to me while I was there. Parliament house in Tokyo. The night scape.Old vs New. McDonalds Japan next to classic Japanese wooden house. The games rooms are filled with noise like a nightclub at 3am […]Read More »

Vietnam Ha Long Bay

 Water_WorldHaLong Bay I hope you enjoy these images from Ha Long Bay in Vietnam With mountains that jut out of the water, this world heritage listed area is incredible. Life on the water for kids is tough, no sports fields to kick a footy around. Fishing out at almost worlds end, where the mist and […]Read More »

China Shanghai and Beijing

China China was another amazing place, with my first visit and a quiet a number of other firsts. First time in Shanghai, Beijing, on the great wall of china, on a bullet train traveling over 300km/h, eating in a vegan restaurant, eating a meal of just duck necks among other things. With some incredible food, […]Read More »

Vietnam Hanoi

Salted fish for saleWell I’ve been on the road a lot with work lately and have been a bit slack updating my website. So I thought I’d better try and get back on top of things. I was recently on a trip to Hanoi in Vietnam. Vietnam is an amazing place. It’s the type of chaos that reminds […]Read More »

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