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The Ton Wrap Up

A wrap up of the Ton Beer challenge. Well a year down and we need a run down of the end results. Yes the 100 beers were drunk during the year. Congrats to Knappstein Reserve Lager for taking out the title with a score of 96. While there was 5 different types of beer in […]Read More »

The Ton 100 – NT Draught - Darwin Stubbie

NT Draught “Darwin Stubbie”  Northern Territory 2litres 4.9% Well the 100th beer in the Ton Challenge has to have something to mark the occasion,  is it the most expensive beer in the world, the most obscure ingredients, the hightest alcohol percentage or could it be size, well thanks to Chicka who sourced me a Darwin  […]Read More »

The Ton 99 – Murray's Angry Man

Murray’s Angry Man Pale Ale , Port Stephens 330ml 5% The penultimate beer in the challenge, and it’s another beer from the folks up at Port Stephens’ Murray’s Craft Brewing Co, it’s not the best pale ale on the market, but it’s pleasant with a a slight caramelization and your traditional citrusy pale ale flavour. Well […]Read More »

The Ton 98 - Sagres

Sagres Portugal 330ml 5.0% Well the portugese beers were popular this week with Super Bock a number of days ago, this is an easy drinking slightly malted beer with a bit of an earthy aroma, won’t interupt your char grilled steak as it’s boardering on watery but just sticks in there. Rating 72/100Read More »

The Ton 97 - Wicked Elf Witbier

Wicked Elf Witbier Port Macquarie Australia 5.0% 330ml Well I had the sister earlier and was hoping this was going to be the prettier sister, but alas it was a bit of a Paris and Nikki Hilton affair, both not to bad looking but not much going on inside and you just wouldn’t know which […]Read More »

The Ton 96 - Wicked Elf Pale Ale

Wicked Elf Pale Ale 5.4% 330ml Port Macquarie Australia This is a gem in the rough, with a wildly wicked bitter sweetness that sits around on the palate to enjoy for while, just enticing you enough to have another mouthful. Who would have thought the folks in Port Macquarie could blend a beer. There is […]Read More »

The Ton 95 - Super Bock

Super Bock Portugal 330ml 5.2% Well as you do, you have Spanish tapas while drinking a Portugese beer, this beer is quietly refreshing but has a slight metalic sour/bitterness that may be settled if drunk out of a glass rather than straight from the bottle. It has a mild fruity aromoa. Rating 79/100Read More »

The Ton 94 – Guinness Extra Stout

Guinness Extra Stout Ireland 6.0% 375ml Well if you haven’t had a Guinness you haven’t had a beer. Drinking it out of a bottle just doesn’t give it it’s dues, nor  really drinking it anywhere but in Ireland. The best places for a Guinness is at the Guinness St Jame’s Gate Brewery or at some […]Read More »

The Ton 93 – Murrays Whale Ale

Murrays Whale Ale  Port Stephens Australia 4.5% 330ml A little surprise with this wonderfully creamy ale that has a slight maltiness but with some flavoursome passion fruit and lemon overtones. Could easily be drunk ice cold in the heat of summer on the deck of a yacht or chilled while on the leather lounge in […]Read More »

The Ton 92 – Great Northern Brewing

Great Northern Brewing  Queensland Australia 330ml 4.2% Well this is a Queensland beer with an inferiority complex when you read the speil on the back of the label. If only it delivered on it’s attitude, it has a mild caramel malt with slight effervescence that really doesn’t deliver anything to the drinker. Rating 70/100Read More »

The Ton 91 – My Wifes Bitter

My Wifes Bitter  Australia Burleigh Heads 330ml 4.8% Well it has a great name for a beer, and is an aussie attempt and an english style beer. Has it pulled it off, well it’s not a bad go. It has a complex bitterness with a undertone of smokey sweet caramelized malt. A beer worth drinking […]Read More »

The Ton 90 – Ambar 1900 Pale Ale

Ambar 1900 Pale Ale Spain 330ml 4.8% A Spanish Pale Ale to follow on from the previous Pale Ale from Australia’s Boston Mill, two different pale ale’s. This is a fair bit lighter  and with a slight caramelization of the malt. There needs to be a little more smoothness but a well drinkable.   Rating […]Read More »

The Ton 89 – Boston Mill Pale Ale

Boston Mill Pale Ale Australian 330ml 4.9% A mild pale ale, with slight hops and floral passionfruit overtones. Not as robust as a Little Creatures Pale Ale but will be more to the liking of those looking for their first Pale Ale. More suited for a cool afternoon than a hot summers day. Rating 82/100Read More »

The Ton 88 – Peroni Gran Riserva

Peroni Gran Riserva 6.6% Italy 330ml This beer is full and full of flavour. It is almost getting close to a dark ale nah stout. It is a double malted lager that has a strong darken caramel/chocolate flavour. It also packs a punch at 6.6% alcohol by volume. All this strong flavour and alcohol just […]Read More »

The Ton 87 – Gosser

Gosser Lager 5.2% Austria 330ml Like the Austrian Trumer Pils beer I had while out having some schnitzel at the Austrian Schnitzel Haus at Gladesville I also tried this Gosser Lager. Two very different beers. This is a lot more refined compared to the Trumer. It is light and fresh with a slight bitter hops […]Read More »

The Ton 86 – Trumer Pils

Trumer Pils Salzburg Austria 4.9% 330ml What better to do than have some Austrian beer while out having some schnitzel at the Austrian Schnitzel Haus at Gladesville. This is a pils style beer that has a bitter almost burnt flavour. It would be hard to see this pils winning over too many people, the Austrian’s […]Read More »

The Ton 85 – Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

Weihenstephaner Hefe weissbier Germany 500ml 5.4% The third in the trilogy of the Weihenstephaner beers that I have tried, this is a wheat beer that starts to impress with a sweetness that jumps onto your tongue, but it then jumps off almost as quickly as it got there. There is also a slight acidity that […]Read More »

The Ton 84 – Stella Artois Belgium

Stella Artois Belgium 5.0% 330ml This is one of Belgiums most famous beer exports, I’m not 100% sure why. The Belgiums are master brewers and this for me doesn’t hit the mark on what Belgium beer is all about. This is a fairly hoppy beer with a layering that sits slightly on top of the […]Read More »

The Ton 83 – PepperJack Saltram Australia

PepperJack Saltram Australia 330ml 4.7% This is another boutique brewery out of a traditional wine maker. Saltram in the Barrossa Valley of South Australia. This is a Pale ale style beer with a balanced sweet fruitiness like an unoaked chardonnay. It still has a bit of work to catch up with the likes of the […]Read More »

The Ton 82 – Palma Louca Brasil

Palma Louca Brazil 355ml 4.5% I was expecting something that you could sit back under a palm tree on a Brazillian beach and while away time, it’s light and a slight maltiness but with a stronger undertone of bitter hops that takes it a step backwards. More a beeer to have in Brazil with Churrasco […]Read More »

The Ton 81 – OK Beer Okocim

O.K. Beer Okocim Poland 330ml 5.6% This is a Pale beer from Poland, not a style of beer that you expect out of Poland and not a pale ale. I found that the hops were just not refined to give a smooth palatable bitterness.   Rating 70/100Read More »

The Ton 80 – Big Head No Carb

BigHead No Carb Beer Australia 330ml 4.2% Seriously, if you are wanting to cut out carbs and this is the end result, then you are better off having a glass of water. This beer doesn’t offer anything but take your hard earned. Rating 62/100Read More »

The Ton 79 - Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel Germany

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel Germany5.3% 500ml Having recently had it’s brother a few days prior, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this beer given it is a dark ale. It is a bit of a cross between a white beer and a dark ale. There is a lot going on with your taste buds with […]Read More »

The Ton 78 – Weihenstephaner Original Germany

Weihenstephaner Original Germany500ml 5.1% A bavarian beer that comes with a name that if you have to pronounce it after a few beers, the staff will definitely know if you’ve had one too many. This is a easy drinking bavarian beer that you could drink all day out of your stein at the Munich Octoberfest. […]Read More »

The Ton 75 – Classe Royale

Classe Royale Germany 330ml 4.3% This doesn’t hit the mark anywhere, the name, the label and the taste are not something that you associate with quality. This is a watery beer that has a hint of hops to give the beer a bit of colour and flavour, but you feel this has been done just […]Read More »

The Ton 77 – Birra Moretti Italy

Birra Moretti Italy 330ml 4.6% This is a beer that I remember fondly while relaxing in a hotel in Siena after a long drive from Rome. This has a slightly malty undertone that doesn’t miss the mark and the colder you can get the beer the better. It’s probably rating a bit higher than expected […]Read More »

The Ton 76 – Four Wives Pilsener

James Squires Four Wives Pilsener, 345ml 5.0% The four wives maybe James Squires had 4 and as such had to start a brewery to cope, who knows! This is a spicy little pilsener that comes from a tradition of well brewed beers. It has plenty of tang but could do with a bit smother body […]Read More »

The Ton 74 – Steinlager New Zealand

Steinlager New Zealand 330ml 5% With the rugby union world cup currently being run in New Zealand there will be a lot of this being drunk. This is a very drinkable lager with a slight effervescence that makes this very drinkable in a cool climate. You can taste the fresh clean water that this is […]Read More »

The Ton 73 - Organic Ale Beer Australia

Organic Ale Beer 330ml Australian 5.3% Well I would have thought all beer was organic, maybe these guys have a special organic water source or their yeast or hops is different to everyone else’s or more likely they are hopping on a band wagon for an excuse to charge move for less in quantity and […]Read More »

The Ton No 72. – St Arnou Pilsner Australia

St Arnou Pilsner 4.5% 330ml Australia A Czech style saaz hops pilsner, has a light saaz note that gives a bitter peppery bite to this beer.Light on the fizz, with a need to balance the beer with some salted cashews.   Rating 79/100Read More »

The Ton No 71. – Carlsberg Elephant 330ml 7.2%

Carlsberg Elephant Denmark 330ml 7.2% With a 7.2% alcohol percentage you would expect some strong bold flavours, but that’s all hidden behind the elephant in the room. I was expecting a lot more and it didn’t deliver. The regular Carlsberg  is  a better bet for flavour but for a quicker headache you can’t pass this […]Read More »

The Ton No 70. – Peroni Leggera

Peroni Leggera Italy 3.5% Very weak on flavour a slight saazy hops flavour but not really worth a visit. Rating 66/100Read More »

The Ton No 69. - Three Sheets Pale Ale Lord Nelson Brewery

Three Sheets Pale Ale, Lord Nelson Brewery Sydney 4.9% 375ml This is from an institution of a pub in Sydney, one of the oldest pubs in australia and is well worth a visit to enjoy the atmosphere and the brewed on premise beers. This is a beer that is very similar in flavour to Little […]Read More »

The Ton No 68. - Almaza Pilsener Lebanon

Almaza Pilsener Lebanon 4.1% Goes with the Lebanese vegetarian meal I had, and I don’t like vegetarian. This beer is weak on flavour with a strong water base and slight hops that you can barely taste, I may as well have had a tea bag and water added to get more flavour.   Rating 68/100Read More »

The Ton No 67. - The Chancer Golden Ale James Squire

The Chancer Golden Ale James Squire 5.0% 330ml Another beer out of the James Squire Malt Shovel Brewery, it’s as good as all the others that come out the MSB. Light and tasty, which is great for any sunny day with some balanced fruit flavours to add the crispness. Rating 80/100Read More »

The Ton No 66. - Phoenix Mauritius

Phoenix beer Mauritius 5.0% 330ml A beer all the way from Mauritius, the list of beers is starting to spread further afield from the regular beers which is what this challenge is all about. It’s nothing to write home about but it’s from a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, not renowned for brewing beer. […]Read More »

The Ton No 65. - Stow Away IPA James Squire

James Squires Stow Away IPA. 330ml 5.6% This is almost a porter style beer, very rich and chocolaty, won’t be for everyone taste as it’s got some meat in them there bones. Needs to be drunk with a great big steak or a goulash. Rating 79/100Read More »

The Ton No 64. - Cascade Premium Lager

Cascade Premium Lager 5.0% 375ml Great beer from Tasmania for an everyday drinker. Clean, crisp, fresh just like the waters. Smooth hops with a light floral fragrance. Rating 80/100Read More »

The Ton No 63. - Cintra Pilsener Portugal

Cintra Pilsener Portugal 330ml 4..8% Not great but not too bad, nice dry crispness. Not the taste of Portugal you would expect, it doesn’t smell like cats piss like a lot of Portugal, mind you I love Portugal and the food but it does have a pungent odour on the streets. Rating 73/100Read More »

The Ton No 62. - Cruiser Hummingbird Lager

Cruiser Hummingbird Lager 4.0% These guys make the vodka cruisers, they should stick to that as they clearly have no talent for beer. This tastes more like a white wine watered down with carbonation added, and I don’t mean like a champagne. This seems as if it’s for school girls who don’t like the taste […]Read More »

The Ton No 61. - Sleeping Giant Indian Pale Ale

Sleeping Giant Indian Pale Ale 5.4% Western Australia 330ml This is a very good IPA beer. Has a strong sense of what it is. From Gates Road brewery in WA, a mild caramel flavour with a light palate that doesn’t sit heavy and is well suited to any meal with chilli whether Indian or Thai. […]Read More »

The Ton No 60. - Chang Thailand

Chang Thailand 5% Not a bad little drop has a little sweet side to it. Maybe it’s got some of the Mekong River running through it. Can be enjoyed on a hot day with plenty of salt in the air. Rating 77/100Read More »

The Ton No 59. - Kingfisher Lager

Kingfisher Lager India 4.8% Strong odour of malt with a little bitterness, a lot of head / carbonation, it has to be drunk with Indian food to balance the smell and flavours of the curry with the beer to get a balanced sense of it. Rating 72/100Read More »

The Ton No 58. - Perla Export 1849

Perla Export Poland 500ml 5.6% Is it a “Pearla”? well not exactly. Is it export quality? well if people are prepared to import it, but it’s drinkable a slight pungent odour of fermented malt. Rating 73/100Read More »

The Ton No 57. - Bee Sting Honey Wheat Beer

Bee Sting Honey Wheat Beer 5.0% With what seems like a poorly blended beer, weak at the top with a strong honey flavour in the bottom third. It should probably be poured into a glass for drinking to allow the flavours to blend. I drank straight from the bottle and this didn’t work well for […]Read More »

The Ton No 56. - Zamkowe 1321 Poland

Zamkowe 1321 Poland 5.5% 500ml The Pols don’t make beers by halves, and this is no exception, a sweet beer that’s got its unique taste that is almost like a wheat beer. Well worth a try. Rating 81/100Read More »

The Ton No 55. - Heineken Holland

Heineken Lager Holland 5% We all know and have had a Heineken or two, it’s a very good dry lager beer that has stood the test of time. Well suited to a steak and icy cold. A little too main stream to jump up the scoreboard but easy to get hold when out and about. […]Read More »

The Ton No 54. - Okocim Porter Poland

Okocim Porter Poland 8.3% 500ml A strong beer that fits the polish style, very rich chocolately colour and flavour with a smooth rich texture, you probably don’t want to have too many of these as the 8.3% and the 500ml will hit you like Mike Tyson. Rating 83/100Read More »

The Ton No 53. - Pure Blonde 4.6% Australia

Pure Blonde4.6% Australia 355ml Abeer with a good advertising campaign with good looking girls in toga’s, search for it on google. This is a beer that is designed to slightly confuse punters to maximise the companies profits, not 330ml for a “premium” beer which no one would purchase for this beer and not 375ml like […]Read More »

The Ton No 52. - Efes Pilsener Instanbul Turkey

Efes Pilsenser 330ml Istanbul Turkey There were some varied discussion about this beer with my mates, some hated it others were, “it’s not too bad”, I fell into the latter, whether that was because it was my 5th different beer for the night and they were starting to blend in, or the pilsener is a […]Read More »

The Ton No 51. - Three kings dry larger 4.6%

Three kings dry larger 330ml 4.6% A slightly burnt passionfruit flavour, it has a very dark bottle and old style graphics in it’s labeling. Is a good summer drink over looking the harbour in the afternoon living the life of one of the those kings on the label.   Rating 74/100Read More »

The Ton No 50. - Broo larger 330ml Australia

Broo Premium Larger 330ml Australia Subtle in flavour not really a premium beer, is only new on to the market and looks like it’s targeted at the tourist market. It’s not going to be a beer that tourists will rave about when they get home. Rating 73/100Read More »

The Ton No 49. - Hammer 'N' Tongs Vietnam 4.0%

Hammer ‘n’ Tongs Vietnam 4.0 % Nothing to really dislike but nothing to write home about. Strange name from a beer that comes from Vietnam. Surprisingly though the reduced alcohol content isn’t that noticeable in the taste, which is a plus for this beer and thus gets a slight increase in it’s rating Rating 71/100Read More »

The Ton No 47. - Old speckled hen 5.2%

  An english stlye ale but not the tradiTional you’d get behind a bar in england. Little to no effervescence which you’d expect.  A pleasant bitterness that mellows slightling while drinking   Rating 76/100Read More »

The Ton No 46. - Wells Banana Bread Beer

Wells Banana Bread Beer 5.2% 500ml UK Now when I saw this I knew I wasn’t going to be a fan and then when I smelt it I thought oh no don’t do this to your self, if you want a banana smoothy have it with ice cream, but surprisingly although there is banana flavour […]Read More »

The Ton No 45. - Mythos Greek beer 4.7%

Mythos Lager Greece 4.7% This is just using the wrong amount of hops, it’s a little too bitter with almost a burnt smokey flavour.  The greeks aren’t famous for making beer and this won’t change anyones mind about their ability. Will only tempt the greeks here to support their homeland or when at a greek […]Read More »

The Ton No 44. - Monteiths Summer Ale NZ 5.0%

Monteiths Summer Ale NZ 5.0% 330ml Yuck! Tastes like kids medicine, enough said. Rating 67/100Read More »

The Ton No 43. - Monteiths Pilsner 5.0% NZ

Monteiths Pilsner New Zealand 5.0% 330ml Not a strong enough Pilsner, was expecting more from this given some raps by others that have had it. Maybe I was expecting too much but failed to excite me. A little weak on the tartness and a confusion in the tasting notes. Come on NZ you won’t win […]Read More »

The Ton No 48. - Stone and wood

Stone & Wood, Byron Bay NSW Australia 4.4% Very passion fruity, I mean very passion fruity, more designed for your 18 year old female who is over passion pop and wants to drink a beer that’s the same but in a hand holdable bottle. Not sure how big that market is but, this beer is […]Read More »

The Ton No 42. - Knappstein Reserve Lager 5.6%

Knappstein Reserve Lager 5.6% Claire Valley South Australia What a surprise, a wine maker turning it’s hand at beer brewing. And what are they doing still making wine. With the complexities of the fruit and floral flavours that blend together and expose themselves on your palette like a weekend at the playboy mansion. This is […]Read More »

The Ton No 41. - White rabbit

White Rabbit Pale Ale, 4.8% A slightly different pale ale, well rounded slight flowery aroma. Sits well on the palate for a while after a mouthful. Can be a little less effervescent. Rating 74/100Read More »

The Ton No 40. - Redback W.A

Redback Wheat beer Western Australia. A beer that steps outside the normal bounds. A wheat beer that has it all, body, flavour, aroma. Well suited to any occasion. It’s one of a few  beers that can be drunk with or without a slice of lemon. My preference is with the lemon. The lemon custs through […]Read More »

The Ton No 39. - Sapporo japan

Sapporo Japanese 5.0% A bit too light on, needs to be deeper in body. Rating 68/100Read More »

The Ton No 38. - Pikes Oakbank Pilsener

Pikes oakbank pilsener 4.5% south australia Slight bitterness with a mild hops after taste. Nothing too memorable but a drink that is solid enough to pass a blind taste test. Rating 71/100Read More »

The Ton No 37. - Henninger germany

Henninger lager 4.8% germany Is your stock standard german beer. Very similar to Becks. Not much more to add Rating 73/100Read More »

The Ton No 36. - Alpha pale ale matilda bay

Alpha pale ale matilda bay 5.2% another great beer from WA. Strong depth of flavour with a bitterness that is a signature for the region. Rating 84/100Read More »

The Ton No 35. - Southview

Southview custom brew Brewed specially for southview b&b at menai. A must place to stay south of sydney. A german style beer with strong hops and a bitter after taste. Rating 71/100Read More »

The Ton No 34. - Maisels Weisse kristall germany

Maisel’s Weisse Kristall Germany 5.2% 500ml Another big 500ml german gem. Light in colour and a sweet orange and wheat style beer, similar to Hoegaarden to those who have had that.It has a bite like a venomous snake that will sneak up and put you out for the count. A great beer for a warm […]Read More »

The Ton No 33. - Flensburger pilsener germany

Flensburger Pilsener 4.8% Germany Like Grolsch has one of the best bottles going around with the flip top lid. A nice novelt. A small 330ml for the german beer, it may be small is size but don’t hold that against little guy. It has almost a sweet tobacco/cigar aroma that is balanced well with the […]Read More »

The Ton No 32. - Becks

Becks 5.0 Germany A country that exports more types of beer that than there are people in the country. This is a fine generic example of a mass produced beer for the masses. Volkswagen would be proud. There is a bitterness that cuts through and balances the slight effervecence,while dancing in your mouth for a […]Read More »

The Ton No 31. - Redoak Opera Bar Blonde

Redoak Opera Bar Blonde. 4.5%  Sydney Australia This is a beer specially brewed by Redoak for the Opera bar underneath the Sydney Opera House. This will not be to everyone’s liking as it has strong hints of corriander and orange/tang.  You spend a minute or two licking your lips to try and grasp the flavours […]Read More »

The Ton No 30. - Little Creatures Pale Ale

Little Creatures Pale Ale 5.2% Western Australian Fremantle has a great tradition of developing micro brewery’s that deliver exceptional beers. This is no exception. It has a wonderful bouquet of sweet summer  fruits and flowers, while delivering on taste as well. Not only don’t they skimp on flavour and alcohol percentage, you can also get […]Read More »

The Ton No 29. - Tooheys Extra dry

Tooheys Extra Dry 5.0% Australia Light and lacking in much flavour, is well suited to drinking after you’ve had a mouth full of chillies as the taste won’t vary much. Ever so slight caramel but mostly watery flavour. Sits well in the Tooheys stable of trying not to upset everyone but not pleasing anyone. Rating […]Read More »

The Ton No 28. - James Squire Amber Ale

James Squire Amber Ale, 5.0% Australia. From a fine stable of beers, probably the best collection of beers from the one label going around in Australia at the moment. A big call, and Coopers may challenge that but for strenght and variety of tastes it’s hard to beat this lineup.  This beer is a fine […]Read More »

The Ton No 27. - Singha Thailand

Singha beer, 5.0% Thailand A light refreshing beer that is very drinkable, a slight maltiness but otherwise clean  and crisp. Well suited to a Thai Red Curry. A better export than Mekhong whiskey  from the Thai’s and won’t send you as bonkers as well. Makes we want to head back to thailand and buy a […]Read More »

The Ton No 26. - James squire pilsener

James Squire Pilsener 5.0% Australian A very hoppy pilsener, would give skippy a run for his money. It has a great lasting flavour that is a hit with a nice char grilled steak. Can be drunk ice cold or just cooler than room temp. Rating 83/100Read More »

The Ton No 25. - Oettinger pils 4.7%

German beer with medium bitterness that leaves a tang on the tongue well after the beer has been drunk, could be improved with a steak at the same time. A drinkable pils but not a top rating one. Rating 72/100Read More »

The Ton No 24. - Carlton draught

A changing staple in Sydney, that is straight and drinkable that won’t upset too many. But hiding the fact that they are turning it into a light beer and still charging full strength prices. Try to find the 4.6% on the label. Will lose points for that. Like I said before won’t upset too many […]Read More »

The Ton No 23. - Peroni nastro azzurro Italy 5.1%

Can’t be better, beautiful night, clear skies over the harbour sting about to start and drinking an Italian. Slight effervescence that sits for a few seconds before disappearing into a more mellow slight bitterness that leaves the palate then clear. Should linger longer Rating 75/100Read More »

The Ton No 22. - Viking pilsner iceland 4.4%

My first Icelandic beer, and who’d of thought you’d get it at a bar that only has two bottled beers behind the counter. a pilsner that is light on fizz and a little on body. Maybe too much ice and not enough of the good stuff. Rating 67/100Read More »

The Ton No 21. - Tiger beer

Tiger Beer Singapore Out for the Sting concert at the Opera House and stopped for some dinner and a few beers, nice strong hops flavor without being too overpowering, has a palate that holds it’s flavor. Not a bad drop. Rating 81/100Read More »

The Ton No 20. - Hofbrau Original

Hofbrau Original, German, Munich Now the Germans know how the brew a beer, and this is from one of it’s most famous houses. Those who have been to the Hofbrau house during Oktoberfest will have some memories. This doesn’t seem to have carried the taste from the Stein to the 330ml bottle. Is a fairly […]Read More »

The Ton No 19. - Carlsberg

Carlsberg, Danish Struggling to find a strong footing in the market, but is growing slowly. Probably most recognisable from it’s Liverpool sponsorship. Great bottle that would sit in wooden glass cabinet well to look back on in 40 years. Taste is not my cup of tea, as has a strong hops flavour that doesn’t seem […]Read More »

The Ton No 18. - James Boags Draught

James Boags Draught, Australian, Tasmania Is the cheaper cousin of James Boags Premium, Is a better beer out of a tap than the bottle where it can make up some of it’s lost ground on the premium. Has a mid strength bitterness that doesn’t sit around on the palette after you have drunk it. Rating […]Read More »

The Ton No 17. - Corona Extra

Corona Extra, Mexican, Is the largest selling Mexican beer, with a soft caramel flavour that is best suited with a slice of lime to add a freshness to the beer. Best suited for hot days and the beer being icy cold due to it’s soft flavour and freshness with a lime. Not a great beer […]Read More »

The Ton No 16. - Coopers 62 Pilsner

Coopers 62 Pilsner, Australian, Adelaide SA 5.0% A great looking bottle with the 62 etched into the body of the bottle.  Is a pilsner style of beer that steps away from the other style of beers that Coopers brew, which doesn’t sit well in their suite of beers. It just lacks any robustness that can […]Read More »

The Ton No 15. - Coopers Pale Ale

Coopers Pale Ale, Australian, Adelaide South Australia, One of my favourite day to day drinking beers. Has a great robustness to the beer with a nice blend of bitterness and lack of effervecence. With law changes regarding higher government taxing (to prop up their bottom lines) of beers based on their alcohol volume, breweries are […]Read More »

The Ton No 14. - Carlton Dry

Carlton Dry, Australian, Melbourne Victoria Not much to write home about, very weak on flavour with no discernible dryness or crispness. Probably best left in the bottle shop. Rating 63/100Read More »

The Ton No 13. - James Boags Premium Lager

James Boags, Australian, Launceston Tasmania An old brewery that has been reinvigorated with the release of a range of beers in the last 10 years or so. This is a great example of a fuller flavoured lager that is well drinkable to have in your fridge for friends when they come over. With a strong […]Read More »

The Ton No 12. - Grolsch

Grolsch, Netherlands Dutch, 5.0% One of the best bottles going around, with the traditional flip top lid. It does add to the fun having a drink and trying to avoid being hit in the chin with its lid. This particular bottle was the modern bottle though with the bottle cap.  Grolsch has been around for […]Read More »

The Ton No 11. - Crown Lager

Crown Lager, Australian, Melbourne Victoria. The big brother of Fosters, was crafted specifically for visiting dignitaries from 1919 onwards but was released to Joe public in 1954.  It’s a traditional beer with a strong colour, and a strong smell of fermentation. Has generous softness in the head and is well suited to a family gathering. […]Read More »

The Ton No 10. - Tooheys New

Tooheys New, Australian Sydney NSW One that I had to knock off the list being that I’m in Sydney. It’s a beer that I avoid as it makes me fart like a demon.  Taste wise it’s drinkable on any ordinary day, but is only good for a hangover. It’s sold on mass on taps at […]Read More »

The Ton No 9. - Amsterdam Premium Lager

Amsterdam Premium Lager, Netherlands/Dutch You know that when the words premium lager go on a label they are trying to upsell their product that this is the case here, the label is stuck in the 50’s and so is the taste. There are a lot better out there from the Dutch. Rating 63/100Read More »

The Ton No 8. - Tooheys Old

Tooheys Old, Australian Sydney NSW It is a malty light-dark ale, it would be well suited to have a about 1% more alcohol in it as the 4.4% leaves you feeling that it’s just to watery and your wanting more. The people who drink these style of beer want to attack their taste buds. Rating […]Read More »

The Ton No 7. - Red Angus Pilsner

Red Angus Pilsener,  Australian, Bilbul NSW De Bortoli Wines, a wine maker branching out into beer production, this is prue gain feed beer as the label states. It is a meaty Pilsener with a flavoursome bitterness attached. Well worth having one while digging into a T-Bone. Rating 81/100Read More »

The Ton No 6. - James Squire Sundown Lager

James Squire Sundown Lager. Australian from Sydney. From master brewer Chuck Hahn, I’ve had a couple of beers with Chuck and this isn’t one of his best, It’s 4.4% and is more marketed to those who like to have a beer but don’t want to challange their taste buds. There are some more JS’s to […]Read More »

The Ton No 5. - Little Creatures Bright Ale

Little Creatures Bright Ale, Australian from Fremantle WA What a little ray of sunshine, has a great light fruity flavour with a lot of depth that sits well on the palette. A definite for sitting around on a warm summers day. Keep up the good work guys. Rating 84/100Read More »

The Ton No 4. - Blue Tongue

Blue Tongue Premium Lager, Australian Beer. It has a crsip dry taste with nice stone fruity after taste.  Is competing in a tough expanding Australian boutique beer market. Not good enough to sit amongst the leaders. Rating 77/100Read More »

The Ton No 3. - Zlaty Bazant

Zlaty Bazant (Golden Pheasant) Slovakian. Don’t be fooled by the 12% on the label, that relates to the amount of flavour.  It actually has 5% alcohol.  It’s clean and light in flavour, the Slovakians aren’t known for their beer brewing and this won’t put them on the map.  Rating 55/100Read More »

The Ton No 2. - Estrella

Estrella Damm Spain Barcelona, I’ve been to Barcelona a couple of times, and this beer does not remind me of it one bit. I’m not sure if this was from a bad batch, but it reminded me of burnt caramel and cheap tequila. Rating 20/100Read More »

The Ton No 1. - Asahi dry

A Japanese beer, 330ml 5.0%  Clean and crisp but lacks the sharpness of a samurai sword, a nice beer to drink on a warm evening if you don’t want your wife/girlfriend to know you’ve had a drink, it lacks the depth of flavour to take it to a higher level. Rating 78/100Read More »

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