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The Ton

The Ton, is a cricketing term used to describe 100 runs, this blog refers to a challenge that a couple of my friends and myself have decided to undertake, and that is to have 100 different branded beers throughout the year and to collect their labels. That works out at about 2 beers a week, but finding 100 different beers my seem harder than expected towards the end.

While telling my cousin about this challange he sugggeted that I do a blog and write about the different types of beers and give them a bit of a review so that’s what I’m going to do.

Now I’ll be as independent as possible about my beer reviews, and will welcome your feedback, but like all beers the taste can be influenced by external factors like the ambient temperature and what food you are eating at the time. So by no means is this a scientific test, it’s just one blokes opinion and review at a point in time.

Oh, and if there are some brewery’s that would like me to taste and review their beers, by all means get in contact and send me a bottle or two.

Enjoy, I’m sure I will


 St Arnou Pilsner
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7 Responses to The Ton

  • OK i’ll start. Do schooners count.?
    Toyees New at Lunch on 24th Jan at High flier near work. I felt like a beer on a hot day, and their was a scratchie promo on, for a NEW, to win stuff for Aus Day, and i’m a sucker for promos or the people handing them out.
    My scratche was no good. Beer was good and hit the spot.

  • Did you get the label off the schooner? if not then no.

  • That sucks, I get slammed on my first beer.

    Ok, I’ll go home and have a polish brew, and report back. Their is no way i’m keeping wet dripping labels in my pocket for anyone else on a night out. At least I can stick a few on my balding melon.

  • Were you able to get the label off the Corona? Perhaps you need to take some the advice above!

    I am also keen to know the rating scale. Is there any chance of publishing this for your many fans and fellow companions on the journey to “the ton”?

    I think that yo were a little harsh on Carlton Dry!

  • I kept the bottle Behano and am slowly cutting out the label with a hot piece of metal.

    I will add a rating scale so that there is something that allows you to pull apart my ratings and call it all bulls#!t. Watch this space.

    well the Cartlon Dry was a little harsh to drink. That’s why they are giving away $1000 a day in Feb and have an old overweight has been( abit like myself) trying to convince you to drink it.
    Check it out here

  • Maybe you should add what food the beer best compliments? And maybe price / value for money?

    • Price is a bit hard, as it could haven been bought at a pub, bottle shop, club or drunk at a mates place 🙂 and so you’re not really comparing apples with apples.
      could extend it a bit to include foods, are you putting your hand up to do a food menu to match across too?

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