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How to replay google doodles

How do you replay a Google doodle I jumped on to Google today and was presented with the Google doodle for Maria Gaetana Agnesi. Maria Gaetana Agnesi was an Italian mathematician and philosopher. She is credited with writing the first book discussing both differential and integral calculus and was an honorary member of the faculty […]Read More »

goDaddy Cash Parking Report and Keyword Tool

GoDaddy Cash Parking Report and Keyword Tool. Following on from my previous post goDaddy Cash Parking Report I have updated the tool to allow you to update keywords for your domains. Please see the previous post for information about getting the report to work as this is an extension on that post. This update is […]Read More »

goDaddy Cash Parking Report

GoDaddy Cash Parking Report. Need more detailed reports about your goDaddy cash parking? GoDaddy are the number 1 in world wide domain sales and if you’ve bought one or more domain names from them, then you can try and monetize those parked domains with cash parking. Although goDaddy make it easy to get your domain […]Read More »

Becoming number one in google search rankings

As some of you may know I have been purchasing domain names in order to look and generating a secondary stream of income in order to offset my wife not working while she looks after our two little girls. In order to do this, it was either be out of the house day and night […]Read More »

Quantum Locking

Quantum locking is levitation turned on it’s head. Check out this talk by Boaz Almog who explains the advances made in how quantum locking works it’s potential uses. There is still some way to go to deal with maintaining the appropriate temperature of the semiconductor to lock the fluxons in placeRead More »

What is Social Masking?

What is Social Masking? Well it’s quiet simple, it’s the art of using social media to influence the public’s behaviour towards or understanding of, an organisation or its product(s). This is done through social media comments and reviews where the organisation ( and or it’s PR/advertising agency /paid consultants etc) hide behind masked online identities, who […]Read More »

Content Consolidation

What is Content Consolidation? And where is it going? Let’s start with the two parts. What is Content? In this instance Content is anything expressed through the digital medium. This could be a document, an email, a video, a song, a photo, or a conversation for example. What is Consolidation? Well here is the definition […]Read More »

Is Free energy around the corner

Will nano technology be the answer to the worlds future power requirements and eliminate our green house gas problems? Well Justin Hall-Tipping and friends may have the answer.Read More »

Lytro Light Field Camera

Came across an interestingly new photography technique and camera that lets you focus within the picture after it is taken. The company is called Lytro and the technique is called Light Field Photography. The camera captures all the light and the and captures the light is coming from for post processing. Creating mutlipe points of […]Read More »

Khan Academy

I came across this a little while ago, and have wanted to share this with others as I know not everyone gets across what is available on the web all the time and i’m sure I don’t. This is really open source eductation, a great resource for any child, watch the video first to get […]Read More »

Technology for tomorrow: 6th Sense

Pranav Mistry sixth sense has been viewed by nearly 6 million people, it showcases what is possible in the near future. How technology is becoming one with us and an intergal part of what we do. Soon it will seemlessly become part of us and how we interact with the physical environment around us.Read More »

Great low cost software

  These are some great low cost software solutions that will help you get moving quicker. Also check out here for zero cost solutions Note: I make no money from any of these links they are purely from what I have found to be of value and used. Business in a Box has a heap […]Read More »

Great Open Source / Freeware software

I thought I’d add a few links to some great open source projects that are out there that I use from time to time. But also some freeware / zero cost products supplied by the likes of Oracle and Microsoft . These solutions can help you fast track your solution development as well as getting […]Read More »

Current domain portfolio

Available Domain URLs For Sale, For Lease, For Rent, Advertise. Here is a list of the Domains that are for you to add adversting/sponsorship onto or they are always available for lease or for sale at the right price. If you are interested in a domain contact me Current list of Domains. If you are […]Read More »

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