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Hi all,

We all love a great photo, it can evoke memories, emotions, ideas, understanding. They can make you laugh, cry, cringe, smile, question and believe.

It can capture history, a moment, life, growth, youth, old age, family, friends, birthdays, weddings, religous events, travels, news, objects, sunrises, sunset, beauty, ugliness.

It’s a medium that lets your memory or imagation move with the photo over time, yet still capture an instance in time.

I’ll be uploading some photo’s and opinions and links to sites I like.

For DSLR camera’s I recommend Canon.

For a pocket camera, I recommend the Sony DCS H Series cameras. They have a bucket full of functionality out of the box plus the ability to control a number of manual settings while fitting in your pocket.

Please contribute.

See some photos on my flickr site

Why not visit for photos for sale.

For some great Rugby / sports photos see my mates photos at Seiser Photography.



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