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Thailand Bangkok

Bangkok Thailand

This time I’m in Bangkok,

The view from the top of the world or maybe just the Banyan Tree Hotel

 Bangkok-sunset2Temples are a plenty in Bangkok.


Cooking street style in Bangkok. D-_photos_Thailand_bangkok-backlane-fire-cooking

Long live the king of Thailand. Maybe next time I’ll get to meet him 🙂
I can’t go by crabs for dinner.

The famous Patpong Road

Japan Tokyo


Another business trip to Tokyo

Was another great experience, thanks to all the guys there for looking after to me while I was there.

Parliament house in Tokyo.


The night scape. tokyo_night_lookoutOld vs New. McDonalds Japan next to classic Japanese wooden house. TokyoMcDonalds
The games rooms are filled with noise like a nightclub at 3am keeping everyone awake. I have no idea what they are playing or how but it has them mesmerized

Vietnam Ha Long Bay

HaLong Bay

I hope you enjoy these images from Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

With mountains that jut out of the water, this world heritage listed area is incredible.


Life on the water for kids is tough, no sports fields to kick a footy around. Life_on_the_water

Fishing out at almost worlds end, where the mist and water blend to one.


Sailing into Ha Long Bay was an experience you remember with the mountains jutting out of the water and the eerie feeling with the fog making everything jump out at you at the last minut.

 sailing_into_the_abyssThanks to the guys from Halong Glory Cruises for a great stay.





China Shanghai and Beijing


China was another amazing place, with my first visit and a quiet a number of other firsts.

First time in Shanghai, Beijing, on the great wall of china, on a bullet train traveling over 300km/h, eating in a vegan restaurant, eating a meal of just duck necks among other things.

With some incredible food, and stark contrasts between modern and old china.

This place is well worth a visit but as a tourist there are people constantly trying to scam you. so beware.

The Bund night scape

The Shanghai waterfront is like any modern  city, full of skyscrapers and



The view from the bund on the waterfront area on the Huangpu River



 wpid-img_20140709_075003.jpgThe city skyline is filled with sky scrapers after sky scrapers.


 wpid-img_20140708_200539.jpgIn the hotel I was staying in they had a seafood buffet, which was incredible, with such a wide variety of food that i had never had before. But when in Rome.

a wide variety of crustaceans

Seafood buffet



 Imperial Palace Bejing

Imperial Palace Bejing

Beijing is more like an old school city, still developing with lots of old traditional buildings and houses.
The Forbidden City / Imperial Palace in Beijing
The Forbidden City is an incredible place in the center of Beijing. With incredible buildings and artifacts. Definitely worth spending a day there.

Imperial Palace Bejing roof tops

Imperial Palace Bejing roof tops

Incredible road networks wtth fun parks

Shanghai to Beijing Train – Beijing to Shanghai Train


Cities being built along the shanghai to beijing train line

Cities being built along the shanghai to beijing train line

300 plus km/h on the train between Shanghai and Beijing

300 plus km/h on the train between Shanghai and Beijing

The Chinese bullet train was a great way to get between Shanghai and Beijing. It takes a little longer than the plane, but you get to see so much more, it is about a 5 1/2 hour journey that is very comfortable and quiet.

Vietnam Hanoi

Well I’ve been on the road a lot with work lately and have been a bit slack updating my website. So I thought I’d better try and get back on top of things.
I was recently on a trip to Hanoi in Vietnam.
Vietnam is an amazing place. It’s the type of chaos that reminds you of the good old days when you were a kid. Where you didn’t have cops book you for jay walking across the road, because back then you were smarter than a light globe, or council stopping you from having your own lemonade stand out the front of your house for fear that someone might get an upset stomach.

The markets are amazing in what you can get, from dried fish to all kinds of fruit and vegetables


Salted fish for sale

Dried salted fish at the markets

 Markets Fruit and vegetable

Fruit and vegetable steet markets


BBQ dog Hanoi Vietnam

Have you ever tried BBQ Dog? Maybe Barbeque Dog is more on your menu but it wasn’t on mine that day.

Sometimes a ladder is a ladder, othertimes work place saftey maybe not high on the priority list.


 Chinese Lanterns

Red Lanterns

Red Lanterns line the streets and temples in similar ways to the chinese red lanterns..

 Finished Working the Fields

Hanoi Field worker finishing for the day

The traditional woker of the fields who gets to and from work on his bicycle and wears the tradional bamboo hat.

 Hanoi Monument

Very old bonsai in a Hanoi temple

Bonsai in a temple.


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