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How to replay google doodles

How do you replay a Google doodle

I jumped on to Google today and was presented with the Google doodle for Maria Gaetana Agnesi.

Maria Gaetana Agnesi was an Italian mathematician and philosopher. She is credited with writing the first book discussing both differential and integral calculus and was an honorary member of the faculty at the University of Bologna. Wikipedia

Honestly not that I had heard of her before that I remember anyway. Sorry Year 7 maths teacher. But the doodle was interesting in the way the curve was being generated with the circle and the triangles trans versing across the image.

 Google  Maria Gaetana Agnesi

Google Maria Gaetana Agnesi

Now the animation runs fairly quickly and at first glance in that 3 seconds it’s a little hard to pick up everything that is going on with the doodle.

So i thought how do you replay a Google doodle. Now there is no button to replay the doodle and if you click on the Google doodle itself it takes you to Google’s search results for  “Maria Gaetana Agnesi”

 google Maria Gaetana Agnesi search results

google Maria Gaetana Agnesi search results

Answer: So the easiest way to replay the Google doodle is to press Ctrl + F5 which will force a full refresh of the home page. A F5 by itself does not work.

It would be a nice feature for Google to add a button or something to be able to replay the animated Google doodles.



goDaddy Cash Parking Report and Keyword Tool

GoDaddy Cash Parking Report and Keyword Tool.

Following on from my previous post goDaddy Cash Parking Report

I have updated the tool to allow you to update keywords for your domains.
Please see the previous post for information about getting the report to work as this is an extension on that post.

This update is to allow you to change the keywords associated to each domain in your cash parking account.
To update the keywords for a domain, run the report as detailed previously, then click on the left hand side of the domain in the report as shown in yellow in the image below, this will launch the  new keyword form shown, this form will allow you to update the keywords for the selected cash parked domain as shown below.

Note the goDaddy web service to allow you to update keywords this is very limited. It doesn’t allow you to see the currently existing keywords associated to the domain. So this cannot be displayed in the UI.
There is only a maximum for 4 keywords available.
There is only a combined maximum for the 4 keywords of 100 characters which includes the keyword separator so really only 97 available characters.
To help you know what the character count left available is, the UI will show a count for each keyword and a total for all 4 keywords.

You can get my full goDaddy Cash Parking reports application with the source code by downloading the following zip.
goDaddy Cash Parking Report

Or if you just want just the Application and not too fussed about the source code, download the following zip.
goDaddy Cash Parking Report

Then extract them into a directory and run the goDaddyReport.exe this will launch the application.

Here’s what the application looks like below.



Also use at own risk, as no warranty implied or expressed.

goDaddy Cash Parking Report

GoDaddy Cash Parking Report.

Need more detailed reports about your goDaddy cash parking?

GoDaddy are the number 1 in world wide domain sales and if you’ve bought one or more domain names from them, then you can try and monetize those parked domains with cash parking.
Although goDaddy make it easy to get your domain name monetized it’s not always the best option as from my personal experience as there is not much in the way of returns. But that ‘s not why i’m writing this article

If you have like me, a large number of domain names that you are investing in or developing later, it’s a simple way to make a couple of bucks to help pay for the domain name each year.

Now that’s great but you’ll want to know which domains are generating revenue and which ones aren’t, and how much traffic is going to each domain.

One large problem with goDaddy’s cash parking aftermarket management website is that you can only view the top 3 domain names for any of their reporting categories. (Revenue, Impressions,Clicks, RPM and CTR). This is fine if you only have 3 domains, but when you have 3 or more like myself it is nearly as useful as tits on a bull as a reporting tool, as seen below for their interface.

 goDaddy  Cash Parking Website Managment report

As you can see by above it only show’s three domains and i have 126 parked. Not very happy.

The good news is, is that they have a web service to allow you to retrieve the details of all your domains, the bad news is you need to be a developer or pay someone to create an application for you to get the info you need.

If you use goDaddy for your cash parking and you don’t have any experience with developing applications that hook into web services this is where I am helping out. I have creating a little app that allows me to get all the reporting information that is currently available via their web services. And the good news for you is that i’m sharing it with you.

You can get my full goDaddy Cash Parking reports application with the source code by downloading the following zip.
goDaddy Cash Parking

Or if you just want just the Application and not too fussed about the source code, download the following zip.
goDaddy Cash Parking Report.exe

Then extract them into a directory and run the goDaddyReport.exe. This will launch the application.

Here’s what the application looks like below.

You will need your goDaddy username which has to be the numeric username otherwise the goDaddy webservice won’t recognise your account.

you will need your password that you use to login,

And your cash parking Api Key. for more infomation on the cash parking API key see these links  Working with cash parking and Setting up your cash parking account

 GoDaddy Cash Parking Report UI

GoDaddy Cash Parking Report UI


Once you’ve got all the login details sorted, you will need to specify the date range you want to report on – no greater than 90 days between the two dates, and also the report output location to save the report too and the report type you want to store it as (CSV or XML).

Then click on the Get CP button and voila.

Currently this application doesn’t allow you to change the keywords for each domain just view the stats but i’ll update the code and add another post to allow you to do that later.


Also use at own risk, as no warranty implied or expressed.

Becoming number one in google search rankings

As some of you may know I have been purchasing domain names in order to look and generating a secondary stream of income in order to offset my wife not working while she looks after our two little girls.

In order to do this, it was either be out of the house day and night working two jobs or use some of my skills that could build something for the future while at home, that will help enable a passive stream of income. It’s great that I can create websites etc but how are you going to be found with some 100 million domain names out there all fighting to be number one ranked in google.

Well I’ve made number 1 in google search for one of my websites search google for “golf ball netting” and that’s my site the first one under the ads. Feel free for all those golfers to buy a golf net through my site. But as you know that is only one search term and the idea is to keep moving up the rankings in other search terms to gather a greater audience so “golf netting” is the next key word that I’ll be targeting which has a higher search term percentage. This means that hopefully more people will come to my site.

So what helps your rankings, well for one the domain name helps google identify what your website is about. Hence my domain name matches the search term used. This is why domains like are soooo expensive to pick up on the aftermarket. Why not search for available domain names at where you can also get web hosting and SSL certificates and website building tools. Yes it’s one of mine too, couldn’t resist the shameless plug. But hey, it’s a back link just added as well.

But content and relevant key words are also critical, as well as up to date sitemaps and regularly adding new content. Backlink strategy is also important but it’s a slow graft and not always the be all and end all. This is all fairly high level and there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes, but i hope it gives you some idea of what needs to be done.

number 1 in google

golf ball netting number 1 in google

I suppose your next question would be, is this paying for my wife not at work? no not at the moment, it is covering some costs but as those cost start to reduce hopefully some profits will start to flow.

For another shameless plug, those who own restaurants that are looking to hire delivery drivers to home deliver their great food, why not check out where you can advertise for drivers in your area. Prices start at just $20.

Quantum Locking

Quantum locking is levitation turned on it’s head.
Check out this talk by Boaz Almog who explains the advances made in how quantum locking works it’s potential uses.
There is still some way to go to deal with maintaining the appropriate temperature of the semiconductor to lock the fluxons in place

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