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New Zealand All Blacks vs Tonga Rugby World Cup

I just watched Australia’s, Channel 9’s Wide World of Sports (WWOS) coverage of the opening game of the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. If this is indicative of the coverage they will be providing, it will be a disgrace and a blight on the worlds largest sporting event this year.

For a game delayed for over 3 hours, no opening ceremony coverage and an 80 minute game dragged out to 120 minutes with a third half of commercials added in. Added to that there was no half time analysis and the final 3 minutes of coverage after the whistle was dedicated to talking about the opening ceremony and after match interviews that we didn’t get to see.

If I was George Gregan or John Eales (two great wallaby world cup winners) who are special commentators for Channel 9 I would seriously be reevaluating my association with this channel.

The only positive to their coverage is that it can’t get any worse, or is that famous last words.

Channel 9 do us all a favour if this is what your coverage is going to be like and hand the broadcast rights over to the ABC.

Anyway a win to the All Blacks who got home over Tonga in a stuttery match 41 – 10.

The All Blacks were off to a quick start but failed to turn up for the second half which will be a bit of a headache for Graham Henry.

Horan and Horan

Ran into Wallaby great and surname namesake Tim Horan at the Wallabies vs South Africa rugby match yesterday. He was generous enough to take time out for a quick chat and photo. Thanks. If only I had his talent on the rugby field. A bit more size and I may not have been broken so many times.

With regards to the game it was a great win by the Aussies who are still in the building stages for the upcoming world cup.

Go the Wallabies !!!

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