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24hr Karting Loheac France

Loheac 24 hour Karting Race France.

I was lucky enough to get to participate in a 24 hour karting race in France in a town called Loheac a little while back, so I thought I’d upload a few pictures from the event.
This was a great experience with the guys from AWAS.
Now to be honest we weren’t great compared to the other teams and their drivers who seemed to have stepped out of the pro circuit compared to us. But where we missed out on lap times we made up in great crashes.

With numerous driver changes as well as tyre changes and fuel stops throughout the 24hrs it made for a quick 24 hours, but none the least tiring by the end.
It was a great weekend with plenty of great french company, food and of course wine(which helped soothe those sore ribs).

If you are in the area why not visit them. Check out their website


The pre race track walk through

Pre Race Track Walk Continue reading

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