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How to replay google doodles

How do you replay a Google doodle

I jumped on to Google today and was presented with the Google doodle for Maria Gaetana Agnesi.

Maria Gaetana Agnesi was an Italian mathematician and philosopher. She is credited with writing the first book discussing both differential and integral calculus and was an honorary member of the faculty at the University of Bologna. Wikipedia

Honestly not that I had heard of her before that I remember anyway. Sorry Year 7 maths teacher. But the doodle was interesting in the way the curve was being generated with the circle and the triangles trans versing across the image.

 Google  Maria Gaetana Agnesi

Google Maria Gaetana Agnesi

Now the animation runs fairly quickly and at first glance in that 3 seconds it’s a little hard to pick up everything that is going on with the doodle.

So i thought how do you replay a Google doodle. Now there is no button to replay the doodle and if you click on the Google doodle itself it takes you to Google’s search results for  “Maria Gaetana Agnesi”

 google Maria Gaetana Agnesi search results

google Maria Gaetana Agnesi search results

Answer: So the easiest way to replay the Google doodle is to press Ctrl + F5 which will force a full refresh of the home page. A F5 by itself does not work.

It would be a nice feature for Google to add a button or something to be able to replay the animated Google doodles.



US Postal Address – Freight Fowarding

Do you want to purchase goods from the US due to the weak US dollar

1. The online stores don’t ship to your country.
2. Their shipping charges are expensive.
3. They only accept US credit cards.
4. They only ship to US addresses.
5. You are buying from a number of items from different online retailers and the indivual costs of shipping is adding up.
6. You only have one choice of courier to use.

Well, do what I have done and get a US postal address.

It allows me to

1. I get products shipped to me no matter who the US online retailer is.
2. I can have the company purchase on my behalf if they only accept US credit cards.
3. I have my own US address to ship to
4. I can consolidate all purchases into one shipment, even products reboxed
5. You get to chose which courier and the price to pay.

How do I do that, I use a freight forwarding company called MyUS. Check them out.

Have Your Very Own U.S. Mailing Address

What is Social Masking?

What is Social Masking?

Well it’s quiet simple, it’s the art of using social media to influence the public’s behaviour towards or understanding of, an organisation or its product(s). This is done through social media comments and reviews where the organisation ( and or it’s PR/advertising agency /paid consultants etc) hide behind masked online identities, who are made to look like an independent expert or independent knowledgeable Joe Public’s. While they are actually paid employees promoting products and services.

How does social masking work, well let’s say that Company A has had a few bad reviews on a website(s).

They enlist an agency to turn that around. The PR agency creates an account on the website and starts spruiking how good the product(s) are and the customer service from the company is etc. They also reply back to bad reviews with comments to discredit the individual that has posted it or suggest they should follow it up further with the company as they have always had a great experience getting issues resolved.

Alternatively they also like to get on the front foot by being the first to review/comment on new products and rave about how good they are and the impact the organisation/products are making in their life.

Now this isnt’ confined to just commercial organisations this also happens with local/state and federal governments.

How do you spot Social Maskers?

Well, they generally use transient accounts on websites, created within the last few days of negative publicity or they are accounts with little to no other comments within the site related to any other organisation or topic. They are generally overtly complimentary and with detailed knowledge of how to get issues resolved within the company, or they seem to have had their issues resolved simply when others have had lots of issues.

Now I understand that most people want to whinge and complain more and more than compliment on the web, and I understand that organisations want to protect their brands, but I believe they should be transparent in their use of social media when dealing with their customers. No one likes to be deceived and if they can’t can’t be honest with their customers they don’t deserve their custom.

On what site do you find the most social maskers?

Who are the worst offenders of using this method of manipulation?

Is Australia on the brink of a Potato Famine?

With Coles and Woolworths Australia’s duopoly of supermarkets purchasing more and more foreign produce to the detriment of local growers and farmers and large parts of Australia’s food bowl being sold out to foreign countries with an insatiable appetite and need to feed their massively growing populations, Is this the start of the perfect storm for Australia’s first “Potato Famine”?

Or is the simple answer to buy and support your local grower and farmer. Maybe it’s time we took a bit more notice of where our food came from?

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