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Is the Sydney Harbour Bridge Collapsing?

Is the Sydney Harbour Bridge Collapsing?


Check out the photo of the North East end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As you can see from the photo, the drooping of the top beam at the second and third vertical beam suggests some serious structural issues.  This droop must be fairly pronounced as from the angle of the photo taken looking up, you can clearly see the North West side of the bridge higher above the closer North East Side.

Also you can see what looks like remediation work occurring beneath the road to try to prop up the third vertical beam. At the top of second vertical beam there also looks like a lot of compression in the beam there as well.

Is there potential for the Sydney Harbour Bridge to collapse? What do you think?


Bending Arch North Side


Below is a crop from a similar angled photo taken in 2013. You will notice that the North West side of the bridge beams are not visible as the beam on this side hides the beam on the far side.


Cropped image taken from the below image which can be found on

Sydney Harbour Bridge Night

Sydney Long Exposures from North Sydney

Sydney from Kirribilli, North Sydney


Long exposures of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Skyline from Kirribilli (North Sydney) with thanks to Emma and the team from Canon Collective.
 Sydney Skyline

 Sydney Harbour Bridge Opera House

 Sydney Harbour Bridge

 Sydney Opera House

 Opera House

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