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Vietnam Hanoi

Well I’ve been on the road a lot with work lately and have been a bit slack updating my website. So I thought I’d better try and get back on top of things.
I was recently on a trip to Hanoi in Vietnam.
Vietnam is an amazing place. It’s the type of chaos that reminds you of the good old days when you were a kid. Where you didn’t have cops book you for jay walking across the road, because back then you were smarter than a light globe, or council stopping you from having your own lemonade stand out the front of your house for fear that someone might get an upset stomach.

The markets are amazing in what you can get, from dried fish to all kinds of fruit and vegetables


Salted fish for sale

Dried salted fish at the markets

 Markets Fruit and vegetable

Fruit and vegetable steet markets


BBQ dog Hanoi Vietnam

Have you ever tried BBQ Dog? Maybe Barbeque Dog is more on your menu but it wasn’t on mine that day.

Sometimes a ladder is a ladder, othertimes work place saftey maybe not high on the priority list.


 Chinese Lanterns

Red Lanterns

Red Lanterns line the streets and temples in similar ways to the chinese red lanterns..

 Finished Working the Fields

Hanoi Field worker finishing for the day

The traditional woker of the fields who gets to and from work on his bicycle and wears the tradional bamboo hat.

 Hanoi Monument

Very old bonsai in a Hanoi temple

Bonsai in a temple.


Click on any of the images to see a larger image.

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