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Photographing Kids

Photographing Kids

We all know you shouldn’t work with kids and animals, and sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between the two.
But when you get kids on a good day and things are working, then they can really work.

My two girls when I took these photos below were just under 1 and 3 years old. Both as you’d expect, have an attention span of a gold fish at a John Denver concert.

Anyway to add to the mix I was learning and using for the first time a new off camera flash and a wireless triggers that i’d just bought from
With the kids starting to grow up quickly and for us wanting to keep some nice memories I arranged for my wife and kids to pose for a few photos. This way we could get a few nice photo’s for my wife’s 40th birthday printed.

The biggest difference I’ve found with photographing kids is to get out from behind the camera. Using a wireless remote gave me the ability to get out from behind the camera and interact with the kids.

That’s great but how to do see what photo you are taking and if it’s framed, well I ensured that my wife was seated and framed and pre-focused (manual focus) in the camera and I then got the kids to move and play around her, you then start to get pre-framed and pre-focused photos with the kids. Once the kids were in a great position it is time to start clicking and getting those shots that you can’t if you’re behind the camera. Remember if the kids can’t see you when they are that age they don’t know where to look.
These photo’s below were taken in about a 15 minute time frame at around 11am. So shoot fast and keep changing it up.

Couple of key points

Get the camera on a tripod,
Dial in an iso as low as possible. 100 iso if possible to ensure crisp images.
Shutter speed to be as fast as the flash sync will allow 1/250 sec
Ensure you have a good depth of field to ensure maximum detail is in focus, remember the kids will be moving around, so f8 – f11 and prefocus.
Use around a 100mm lens to avoid unsightly lens compression.
Change the angle around from where the flash light is coming from. experiment to see what looks good
Use a remote trigger, a wireless is best to get out from behind the camera.
Number 1,have fun with your subjects, it really brings out their natural smiles.

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