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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Becoming number one in google search rankings

As some of you may know I have been purchasing domain names in order to look and generating a secondary stream of income in order to offset my wife not working while she looks after our two little girls.

In order to do this, it was either be out of the house day and night working two jobs or use some of my skills that could build something for the future while at home, that will help enable a passive stream of income. It’s great that I can create websites etc but how are you going to be found with some 100 million domain names out there all fighting to be number one ranked in google.

Well I’ve made number 1 in google search for one of my websites search google for “golf ball netting” and that’s my site the first one under the ads. Feel free for all those golfers to buy a golf net through my site. But as you know that is only one search term and the idea is to keep moving up the rankings in other search terms to gather a greater audience so “golf netting” is the next key word that I’ll be targeting which has a higher search term percentage. This means that hopefully more people will come to my site.

So what helps your rankings, well for one the domain name helps google identify what your website is about. Hence my domain name matches the search term used. This is why domains like are soooo expensive to pick up on the aftermarket. Why not search for available domain names at where you can also get web hosting and SSL certificates and website building tools. Yes it’s one of mine too, couldn’t resist the shameless plug. But hey, it’s a back link just added as well.

But content and relevant key words are also critical, as well as up to date sitemaps and regularly adding new content. Backlink strategy is also important but it’s a slow graft and not always the be all and end all. This is all fairly high level and there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes, but i hope it gives you some idea of what needs to be done.

number 1 in google

golf ball netting number 1 in google

I suppose your next question would be, is this paying for my wife not at work? no not at the moment, it is covering some costs but as those cost start to reduce hopefully some profits will start to flow.

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Quantum Locking

Quantum locking is levitation turned on it’s head.
Check out this talk by Boaz Almog who explains the advances made in how quantum locking works it’s potential uses.
There is still some way to go to deal with maintaining the appropriate temperature of the semiconductor to lock the fluxons in place

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