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Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Ton 94 – Guinness Extra Stout

Guinness Extra Stout Ireland 6.0% 375ml

Well if you haven’t had a Guinness you haven’t had a beer. Drinking it out of a bottle just doesn’t give it it’s dues, nor  really drinking it anywhere but in Ireland. The best places for a Guinness is at the Guinness St Jame’s Gate Brewery or at some of my favourites pubs like Paddy Cullens in Ballsbridge or Slattery’s by Dublin Docklands while watching the rugby. Now I have to give the rating on my bottle tasting, which isn’t as good as a nice creamy pint from the keg.

Rating 74/100


The Ton 93 – Murrays Whale Ale

Murrays Whale Ale  Port Stephens Australia 4.5% 330ml

A little surprise with this wonderfully creamy ale that has a slight maltiness but with some flavoursome passion fruit and lemon overtones. Could easily be drunk ice cold in the heat of summer on the deck of a yacht or chilled while on the leather lounge in front of an open fire in winter.

Rating 80/100

The Ton 92 – Great Northern Brewing

Great Northern Brewing  Queensland Australia 330ml 4.2%

Well this is a Queensland beer with an inferiority complex when you read the speil on the back of the label. If only it delivered on it’s attitude, it has a mild caramel malt with slight effervescence that really doesn’t deliver anything to the drinker.

Rating 70/100

The Ton 91 – My Wifes Bitter

My Wifes Bitter  Australia Burleigh Heads 330ml 4.8%

Well it has a great name for a beer, and is an aussie attempt and an english style beer. Has it pulled it off, well it’s not a bad go. It has a complex bitterness with a undertone of smokey sweet caramelized malt. A beer worth drinking on a cold saturday while watching the rugby.

Rating 84/100

The Ton 90 – Ambar 1900 Pale Ale

Ambar 1900 Pale Ale Spain 330ml 4.8%

A Spanish Pale Ale to follow on from the previous Pale Ale from Australia’s Boston Mill, two different pale ale’s. This is a fair bit lighter  and with a slight caramelization of the malt. There needs to be a little more smoothness but a well drinkable.


Rating 80/100

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