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Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Ton 88 – Peroni Gran Riserva

Peroni Gran Riserva 6.6% Italy 330ml

This beer is full and full of flavour. It is almost getting close to a dark ale nah stout. It is a double malted lager that has a strong darken caramel/chocolate flavour. It also packs a punch at 6.6% alcohol by volume. All this strong flavour and alcohol just seem to be done for the challenge of double malting rather than to produce a top quality beer. It’s no slouch but not a winner.


Rating 80/100

The Ton 87 – Gosser

Gosser Lager 5.2% Austria 330ml

Like the Austrian Trumer Pils beer I had while out having some schnitzel at the Austrian Schnitzel Haus at Gladesville I also tried this Gosser Lager. Two very different beers. This is a lot more refined compared to the Trumer. It is light and fresh with a slight bitter hops almost like a carlsberg.


Rating 78/100

The Ton 86 – Trumer Pils

Trumer Pils Salzburg Austria 4.9% 330ml

What better to do than have some Austrian beer while out having some schnitzel at the Austrian Schnitzel Haus at Gladesville. This is a pils style beer that has a bitter almost burnt flavour. It would be hard to see this pils winning over too many people, the Austrian’s like a bit of sauerkraut, so stranger things could happen just don’t count on it.

Rating 73/100

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