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Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Ton 85 – Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

Weihenstephaner Hefe weissbier Germany 500ml 5.4%

The third in the trilogy of the Weihenstephaner beers that I have tried, this is a wheat beer that starts to impress with a sweetness that jumps onto your tongue, but it then jumps off almost as quickly as it got there. There is also a slight acidity that sticks it’s head where it shouldn’t be. There are  a lot more refined wheat beers out there.


Rating 79/100

The Ton 84 – Stella Artois Belgium

Stella Artois Belgium 5.0% 330ml

This is one of Belgiums most famous beer exports, I’m not 100% sure why. The Belgiums are master brewers and this for me doesn’t hit the mark on what Belgium beer is all about. This is a fairly hoppy beer with a layering that sits slightly on top of the watery base giving it a two toned taste in the mouth.

Rating 76/100

The Ton 83 – PepperJack Saltram Australia

PepperJack Saltram Australia 330ml 4.7%

This is another boutique brewery out of a traditional wine maker. Saltram in the Barrossa Valley of South Australia. This is a Pale ale style beer with a balanced sweet fruitiness like an unoaked chardonnay. It still has a bit of work to catch up with the likes of the Knappstein Reserve Lager.

Rating 83/100

The Ton 82 – Palma Louca Brasil

Palma Louca Brazil 355ml 4.5%

I was expecting something that you could sit back under a palm tree on a Brazillian beach and while away time, it’s light and a slight maltiness but with a stronger undertone of bitter hops that takes it a step backwards. More a beeer to have in Brazil with Churrasco than sitting under palm trees.

Rating 74/100

The Ton 81 – OK Beer Okocim

O.K. Beer Okocim Poland 330ml 5.6%

This is a Pale beer from Poland, not a style of beer that you expect out of Poland and not a pale ale. I found that the hops were just not refined to give a smooth palatable bitterness.


Rating 70/100

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