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Monthly Archives: August 2011

The Ton 73 – Organic Ale Beer Australia

 Organic Ale beerOrganic Ale Beer 330ml Australian 5.3%

Well I would have thought all beer was organic, maybe these guys have a special organic water source or their yeast or hops is different to everyone else’s or more likely they are hopping on a band wagon for an excuse to charge move for less in quantity and quality. This beer is reminiscent of a number of the pale ales out there, Little Creatures,  Lord Nelson’s Three sheets etc. but what it lacks is the substance that is required to produce a beer rather than an ideology. It’s like being a vegetarian but then wearing leather shoes. you know what I mean.


Rating 73/100.

Eliza at the park.


A couple of great photo’s of Eliza while at the park the other day, having a great time climbing and playing with all the great little rides and tunnels.







Wildfire Restaurant Sydney

I went to Wildfire last night for dinner with my wife Kellie, there have been some ravings about it and I had also been given a $100 voucher as a gift to go. So what’s it all about.

It is not cheap that’s for sure, so if you’re going be prepared to have your bank balance, having a dint put in it. $300 for 2. What do you get for that. well there is plenty of staff wandering around, not sure what a lot of them actually do or if they are just there for show, it’s opposite the opera house so you are paying a bit for that. With regards for the food.

We had some oysters and steak tartare for entree’s followed by their “renowned” Brazilian Churrasco with a bottle of  New Zealand 2007 Te Awa Cabernet Merlot (Some relo’s in NZ would be fairly familiar with that) a lovely drop.

Port Stephens Oysters great very fresh .

Steak Tartare: tasted of too much mayonnaise, which I’ve never had in a steak tartare before. The steak was very

Churrasco : someone in the kitchen must have dropped a bucket of cinnamon as nearly all the meat was covered in it and it just overwhelmed the meat. It was so strong it was starting to play havoc with me with the sweetness.  The other issue I had was that there was very few selection of prime meats to taste. We had prawns, chorizo, Rump, chicken thigh, lamb and pork cuts. The staff couldn’t really explain the cuts of meat and there was only one beef cut, a little dissapointing.

We had no dessert or coffee’s so cannot comment on that but menu looked nice.

Would I go back, not for what I had, maybe for the Al-a Carte menu.

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