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Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Ton No 72. – St Arnou Pilsner Australia

St Arnou Pilsner 4.5% 330ml Australia

A Czech style saaz hops pilsner, has a light saaz note that gives a bitter peppery bite to this beer.Light on the fizz, with a need to balance the beer with some salted cashews.


Rating 79/100

The Ton No 71. – Carlsberg Elephant 330ml 7.2%

Carlsberg Elephant Denmark 330ml 7.2%

With a 7.2% alcohol percentage you would expect some strong bold flavours, but that’s all hidden behind the elephant in the room.

I was expecting a lot more and it didn’t deliver. The regular Carlsberg  is  a better bet for flavour but for a quicker headache you can’t pass this one up, it will hit you like a mule at feeding time.

Rating 76/100

The Ton No 70. – Peroni Leggera

Peroni Leggera Italy 3.5%

Very weak on flavour a slight saazy hops flavour but not really worth a visit.

Rating 66/100

Lytro Light Field Camera

Came across an interestingly new photography technique and camera that lets you focus within the picture after it is taken. The company is called Lytro and the technique is called Light Field Photography. The camera captures all the light and the and captures the light is coming from for post processing. Creating mutlipe points of depth of field.
Click on different parts of the image to bring them into focus. ie the girl or the wheel for instance. It still has some work required to increase the clarity etc but it looks very promising.

Check out for more details.

Horan and Horan

Ran into Wallaby great and surname namesake Tim Horan at the Wallabies vs South Africa rugby match yesterday. He was generous enough to take time out for a quick chat and photo. Thanks. If only I had his talent on the rugby field. A bit more size and I may not have been broken so many times.

With regards to the game it was a great win by the Aussies who are still in the building stages for the upcoming world cup.

Go the Wallabies !!!

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