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Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Ton No 67. – The Chancer Golden Ale James Squire

The Chancer Golden Ale James Squire 5.0% 330ml

Another beer out of the James Squire Malt Shovel Brewery, it’s as good as
all the others that come out the MSB. Light and tasty, which is great for
any sunny day with some balanced fruit flavours to add the crispness.

Rating 80/100

The Ton No 66. – Phoenix Mauritius

Phoenix beer Mauritius 5.0% 330ml

A beer all the way from Mauritius, the list of beers is starting to spread
further afield from the regular beers which is what this challenge is all

It’s nothing to write home about but it’s from a tiny island in the Indian
Ocean, not renowned for brewing beer.

Rating 72/100

The Ton No 65. – Stow Away IPA James Squire

James Squires Stow Away IPA. 330ml 5.6%

This is almost a porter style beer, very rich and chocolaty, won’t be for
everyone taste as it’s got some meat in them there bones. Needs to be drunk
with a great big steak or a goulash.

Rating 79/100

The Ton No 63. – Cintra Pilsener Portugal

Cintra Pilsener Portugal 330ml 4..8%

Not great but not too bad, nice dry crispness. Not the taste of Portugal you
would expect, it doesn’t smell like cats piss like a lot of Portugal, mind
you I love Portugal and the food but it does have a pungent odour on the

Rating 73/100

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