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Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Ton No 61. – Sleeping Giant Indian Pale Ale

Sleeping Giant Indian Pale Ale 5.4% Western Australia 330ml

This is a very good IPA beer. Has a strong sense of what it is. From Gates
Road brewery in WA, a mild caramel flavour with a light palate that doesn’t
sit heavy and is well suited to any meal with chilli whether Indian or Thai.

Rating 83/100

The Ton No 60. – Chang Thailand

Chang Thailand 5%

Not a bad little drop has a little sweet side to it. Maybe it’s got some of
the Mekong River running through it. Can be enjoyed on a hot day with
plenty of salt in the air.

Rating 77/100

The Ton No 59. – Kingfisher Lager

Kingfisher Lager India 4.8%

Strong odour of malt with a little bitterness, a lot of head / carbonation,
it has to be drunk with Indian food to balance the smell and flavours of the
curry with the beer to get a balanced sense of it.

Rating 72/100

The Ton No 57. – Bee Sting Honey Wheat Beer

Bee Sting Honey Wheat Beer 5.0%

With what seems like a poorly blended beer, weak at the top with a strong
honey flavour in the bottom third. It should probably be poured into a glass
for drinking to allow the flavours to blend. I drank straight from the
bottle and this didn’t work well for me. Having that mix makes it difficult
to give an accurate rating but seen as this is how it was packaged this is
how it will be rated.

Rating 70/100

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