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Monthly Archives: April 2011

The Ton No 53. – Pure Blonde 4.6% Australia

Pure Blonde4.6% Australia 355ml

Abeer with a good advertising campaign with good looking girls in toga’s, search for it on google. This is a beer that is designed to slightly confuse punters to maximise the companies profits, not 330ml for a “premium” beer which no one would purchase for this beer and not 375ml like most of the common beers on the market.  Besides this the beer is palateable with a slight bitterness that is overpowered slightly by a water flavour that seems to be heavier and not blended with the hops.

Rating 74/100

The Ton No 52. – Efes Pilsener Instanbul Turkey

Efes Pilsenser 330ml Istanbul Turkey

There were some varied discussion about this beer with my mates, some hated it others were, “it’s not too bad”, I fell into the latter, whether that was because it was my 5th different beer for the night and they were starting to blend in, or the pilsener is a bit of taste that’s not to everyones liking. Me I don’t mind the strenght of a good pilsener. This isn’t great but i’s not bad.

Rating 72/100

The Ton No 51. – Three kings dry larger 4.6%

Three kings dry larger 330ml 4.6%

A slightly burnt passionfruit flavour, it has a very dark bottle and old style graphics in it’s labeling. Is a good summer drink over looking the harbour in the afternoon living the life of one of the those kings on the label.


Rating 74/100

The Ton No 49. – Hammer ‘N’ Tongs Vietnam 4.0%

Hammer ‘n’ Tongs Vietnam 4.0 %

Nothing to really dislike but nothing to write home about. Strange name from a beer that comes from Vietnam.

Surprisingly though the reduced alcohol content isn’t that noticeable in the taste, which is a plus for this beer and thus gets a slight increase in it’s rating

Rating 71/100

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