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Monthly Archives: February 2011

The Ton No 25. – Oettinger pils 4.7%

German beer with medium bitterness that leaves a tang on the tongue well after the beer has been drunk, could be improved with a steak at the same time. A drinkable pils but not a top rating one.
Rating 72/100

The Ton No 24. – Carlton draught

A changing staple in Sydney, that is straight and drinkable that won’t upset too many. But hiding the fact that they are turning it into a light beer and still charging full strength prices. Try to find the 4.6% on the label. Will lose points for that. Like I said before won’t upset too many but then again won’t impress too many either.
Rating 70/100

The Ton No 23. – Peroni nastro azzurro Italy 5.1%

Can’t be better, beautiful night, clear skies over the harbour sting about to start and drinking an Italian. Slight effervescence that sits for a few seconds before disappearing into a more mellow slight bitterness that leaves the palate then clear. Should linger longer
Rating 75/100

The Ton No 21. – Tiger beer

Tiger Beer Singapore
Out for the Sting concert at the Opera House and stopped for some dinner and a few beers, nice strong hops flavor without being too overpowering, has a palate that holds it’s flavor. Not a bad drop.
Rating 81/100

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