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Monthly Archives: January 2011

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The Ton No 20. – Hofbrau Original

Hofbrau Original, German, Munich

Now the Germans know how the brew a beer, and this is from one of it’s most famous houses. Those who have been to the Hofbrau house during Oktoberfest will have some memories. This doesn’t seem to have carried the taste from the Stein to the 330ml bottle. Is a fairly subtle taste with a fairly pungent nose. Should be a hell of a lot better

Rating 66/100

The Ton No 19. – Carlsberg

Carlsberg, Danish

Struggling to find a strong footing in the market, but is growing slowly. Probably most recognisable from it’s Liverpool sponsorship. Great bottle that would sit in wooden glass cabinet well to look back on in 40 years. Taste is not my cup of tea, as has a strong hops flavour that doesn’t seem refined.

Rating 71/100

The Ton No 18. – James Boags Draught

James Boags Draught, Australian, Tasmania

Is the cheaper cousin of James Boags Premium, Is a better beer out of a tap than the bottle where it can make up some of it’s lost ground on the premium. Has a mid strength bitterness that doesn’t sit around on the palette after you have drunk it.

Rating 74/100

The Ton No 17. – Corona Extra

Corona Extra, Mexican,

Is the largest selling Mexican beer, with a soft caramel flavour that is best suited with a slice of lime to add a freshness to the beer. Best suited for hot days and the beer being icy cold due to it’s soft flavour and freshness with a lime. Not a great beer but it has it’s purpose oh, and one of few beers where you don’t look like a girl with a piece of fruit in your beer.

Rating 72/100

The Ton No 16. – Coopers 62 Pilsner

Coopers 62 Pilsner, Australian, Adelaide SA 5.0%

A great looking bottle with the 62 etched into the body of the bottle.  Is a pilsner style of beer that steps away from the other style of beers that Coopers brew, which doesn’t sit well in their suite of beers. It just lacks any robustness that can be found in its sisters. Still it could be a lot worse.

Rating 75/100

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